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The Informer’s role is to provide MoWesters with information about their Town and its citizens in order to foster the small-town, close-knit atmosphere that makes Montreal West a special place in which to live.

The Informer is published nine times a year, usually on the last weekend of the month. Typesetting by Informer staff, printing by Imprimerie Provost. Extra copies are available at Town Hall and both libraries. It is funded, in part, by the Town of Montreal West and articles are printed in French or English, as submitted.


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The Informer’s beginnings

The Informer made its first appearance in 1973 when a small group of MoWesters (Operating Board members: Wavell Cowan, Ned Lanthier, Frances Phelan, Harry Goldsmith, Marguerite King, Jamie Watt and Marg Swetland) accepted the responsibility to produce what, at that time, was called “The Citizens’ Viewspaper”. The Town agreed to subsidize the paper, as it still does today.

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