The Town of Montreal West boasts a dozen well-equipped parks across its territory. Children will appreciate swinging, sliding, climbing and playing games in the colourful jungle gyms and open green spaces. Take advantage of the summer weather and enjoy the beautiful parks the Town has to offer.

Dave Reid 

Dave Reid Park is named after Mr. Dave Reid, a Superintendent of the Legion Memorial Rink from 1966 to 1980. Located next to the Montreal West Tennis Club and across from the Municipal Arena, this fenced park is shaded along the periphery and perfect for children to stay entertained swinging, sliding, climbing, and playing games.


Renovated in 2015, Davies Park is large and central, hosting Montreal West’s Community Centre along Westminster, and numerous events throughout the year, such as Montreal West Day Camp’s Drama Show in August. Park equipment, including colourful jungle gyms for climbing, spinning, swinging, and sliding, are surrounded by trees and benches for parents and caregivers to watch over children in comfort. Davies Park is popular, vibrant, diverse, and a central part of Montreal West.


Kirkpatrick Park is named after a past Mayor of Montreal West, and is located in a cul-de-Sac at the end of Easton Avenue. It is one of the most peaceful parks in Montreal West due to its modest size and off-the-grid location. Recently renovated in 2016, this park hosts an assorted jungle gym as well as open space for children to play and picnics to take place.


Photo by StrollerParking

George Booth

Named on behalf of George Booth, a past resident and Fire Chief for the Montreal West Fire Department, George Booth Park is peaceful and welcoming. Located on a quiet corner of Bedbrook and renovated in 2013, the park contains a small sports field as well as an assorted jungle gym and outdoor fitness equipment. This is a great location for children's activities to take place. If you’re looking for a serene, off-the-grid park for a picnic or a pickup game of soccer, this is a great park to spend time at.

Roy Locke

Roy D. Locke was on Town Council and later the Mayor of Montreal West (1977-1989). Locke was responsible for the beautification and preservation of much of the natural beauty of the town, such as extensive tree planting and the building of Roy D. Locke Park. When entering Montreal West from Sherbrooke Street, this park is the first to be seen, hosting diverse tree species, park benches for attendees to sit and relax, and a quaint playground set in the far corner for children to play. This park is a welcoming feature of Montreal West, introducing Westminster Avenue, where restaurants and various businesses bring the community together.


Ronald Park received a significant renovation in 2016, hosting new jungle gym equipment with monkey bars, mini-games and slides, as well as swing sets that are fitting for various age groups of children. A separate shaded seating area overlooking the park equipment allows parents to watch over children in comfort, kids to get out of the sun, and other park attendees to sit and relax. Sporting the colorful new jungle gyms and a fresh façade, this park is a must for parents and children alike to enjoy their day.


Originally called North Park, Strathearn Park is a large green space in Montreal West, located next to Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School, residential homes, and away from main roads. A large portion of Strathearn Park’s playground was renovated in 2016 to replace outdated equipment with new, colourful, diverse playsets for children of various ages to enjoy. Along with a large wading pool with water spouts for children to play in, this park has a large amount of open space containing picnic tables and trees providing many shaded areas, and two prominent playground sets to keep kids busy all summer long.

Toe Blake

Joseph Hector “Toe” Blake is an honoured past resident of Montreal West who played left wing for the Montreal Canadiens from 1935-1936, and from 1947-1948. During his time as a player for the Canadiens, Blake earned the nickname “The Old Lamplighter” for his consistent goal scoring. He returned as a coach for 13 years, winning eight Stanley Cups. Toe Blake Park is located along Promenade Sheraton and contains green space, benches for parents and residents to sit and relax and playground sets for children to enjoy. To the south of Promenade Sheraton, a forested sitting area is available as part of Toe Blake Park for peace and quiet.

Hodgson Field

Mr. George Wilfred Hodgson was a greatly respected member of the community, having served as the Kiwanis Club Treasurer and Notary for the Consolidated Paper Corporation Ltd. He also served as both Town Commissioner and Mayor from 1948-1954. Hodgson Field is located along Bedbrook Avenue and hosts a large soccer field and basketball field. This is a lively area during summer months, being the location of the Municipal Arena, Municipal Pool, Percival Park and the Montreal West Tennis Club. It’s a great space to be outside in the sun and play sports.