Quebecers are among the largest consumers of drinking water in the world. Although water is abundant in Quebec, it is important to understand that it is not an everlasting resource. The provincial government’s 2019-2025 Drinking Water Conservation Strategy sets new objectives for the whole province.

By 2025, this strategy aims to achieve the following three objectives:

  • a 20% reduction in the amount of water distributed per person in comparison to 2015;
  • a moderate level of leakage according to the performance indicator set by the International Water Association;
  • a gradual increase in the investments needed for maintaining assets in a sustainable way; while gradually eliminating the lack of maintenance.

The Town of Montreal West, along with all municipalities in Quebec, must continue its efforts towards achieving these goals. Residents are also called upon to reduce their personal consumption of drinking water.

Tips to save water

We invite all our residents to integrate simple actions into their daily lives and develop better habits.

Inside the house

  • Take a 5-minute shower instead of a bath;
  • Install a low-flow shower head;
  • Turn off the tap while you wash your face, brush your teeth or shave;
  • Choose a water-saving toilet;
  • Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily;
  • Repair leaking faucets;
  • Do the laundry when the washing machine is full;
  • Fill a pitcher with water and put it in the refrigerator instead of running your tap water;
  • Clean food with a brush instead of letting your tap water run.
  • Wash your dishes in a sink filled with soapy water or fill your dishwasher to maximum capacity before turning it on;

Outside the house

  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and outdoor entrances;
  • Cover the pool with a solar blanket to reduce water evaporation;
  • Do not let water run from a garden hose unnecessarily;
  • Install a rain barrel to water your flowers, plants and lawn;
  • Clean your vehicle with a sponge and a bucket of water;
  • Redirect water from gutters towards flower beds or onto the lawn;
  • Avoid unnecessary watering of lawns and hedges;
  • Respect the watering hours permitted in the Town.