Trees are an integral part of the urban-scape, providing many benefits to urban dwellers. Keeping our trees healthy helps contribute to our “Garden Suburb” aesthetic. 

Public trees are maintained by the Town. The Town maintains a regular watering schedule to keep the tree healthy in the first year after planting. 

We invite you to fill out the form below if there is a problem with any public tree and Public Works will take appropriate actions, when necessary.

Public trees

Tree trimming 

Regular pruning of trees will prevent them from growing out of control and becoming hazardous. However, if this operation is completed by someone who is not properly trained, it may damage or even kill the tree. Residents who would like to have one of their trees trimmed must fill out the online form below to be placed on the tree trim list.  Please note that tree emergencies that jeopardize public and/or private property (or public security) will always take priority over aesthetic tree trimming.  

Tree removal

The Town cuts down sick or dead public trees. Submit a request through the form below if you believe a public tree should be cut down. Public Works will then send a certified arborist to evaluate the tree and will base their decision on the arborist’s report.

Tree planting

The Town periodically plants public trees. If you are interested in having a tree planted on Town property in front of your residence, please submit a request online through the following form.

Submit a request

Private trees

In order to protect our urban forests, Montreal West’s tree by-law requires that you get authorization from the Urban Planning Manager to cut down any tree on private property with a diameter of more than 10 cm at a height of 25 cm from the ground. You must request a tree removal permit. The permit, which is free, will be granted by the Urban Planning Manager if the tree is diseased, endangering the foundation of your home, or presents a public security hazard. Any contravention of this by-law is punishable by a fine of up to $300 in addition to court costs incurred; you may also be required to replace the tree.