As part of the Westminster revitalization project, the Town of Montreal West and PME MTL Centre-Ouest are pleased to announce the launch of two financial assistance programs for merchants to promote and revitalize our main commercial street.

The Town will invest up to $50,000 to support local businesses on Westminster Avenue. This financial assistance will benefit you if you are planning on renovating your commercial facades, carrying out exterior work related to universal accessibility or want to take advantage of this great opportunity to replace your commercial sign.

Experienced and equipped with in-depth knowledge, the experts at PME MTL Centre-Ouest help retail businesses improve their service offer. Thanks to the Fonds Entrepreneuriat commercial, you could receive a grant of up to $25,000. Eligible for the program: leasehold improvements, purchase of new equipment and implementation of e-commerce projects. This financial assistance can be combined with that offered by the Town of Montreal West.

Details of the different financial assistance programs

The following types of work are eligible for funding:

  1. The restoration or reconstruction of an existing commercial façade to improve its appearance and functionality.
  2. Work on the various components of a commercial facade, such as openings, projections, cornices, decorative features, stairways and surfaces leading to a terrace located on the front. 
  3. Replacement of an existing sign or the installation of a new commercial sign, including its support structure.
  4. Work intended to make a commercial establishment open to the public accessible to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility.

The assistance program for the revitalization of facades and signs is applicable to commercial establishments on Westminster between Avon Road and Nelson Avenue (more specifically to those with addresses in zones MA-1, MA-3, MA-4, MA-5, MB-1 and MB-2).

Financial aid

Financial assistance is applicable only for works whose total cost (materials and labour) is of:

  1. At least $10,000 for the renovation of a commercial facade;
  2. At least $2,000 for the replacement of an existing sign or the installation of a new sign;
  3. At least $1,000 for accessibility works.

The maximum amount of funding per establishment is set as follows:

Type of workMaximum amount of funding
Renovation of a commercial facade$15,000
Replacement of an existing sign or installation of a new one$2,500
Accessibility works$2,500

Eligible costs include:

  1. Cost of labour and materials;
  2. Fees for the preparation of plans and specifications and other expert fees related to the implementation of eligible work;
  3. Cost of permits and certificates required by the Town; and
  4. Applicables taxes.

A financial assistance fund in the amount of $50,000 is established for this program. This program operates on a first come, first served basis until the funds are exhausted.

Steps to follow

  1. Download and fill out the application form
  2. Gather all required documents.
  3. Submit the signed application form along with the required documents

Any eligible commercial facade renovation project, as well as the replacement of an existing eligible sign or the installation of a new eligible sign, must first be submitted to a SPAIP procedure resulting in a recommendation by the PAC and approval by the Council. Accessibility works are not subject to this procedure.

Required documents 

Application form

Consult the By-law to establish a financial assistance program for the revitalization of commercial facades and signs and the accessibility to businesses for persons with disabilities for more information

PME MTL Centre-Ouest manages a variety of investment funds tailored to the needs of Montréal entrepreneurs including the Fonds Entrepreneuriat commercial, which supports retail businesses.

A helping hand for your business

Financial assistance for leasehold improvements, purchase of new equipment and implementation of e-commerce projects.

Financial assistance

A grant of up to $25,000 can be obtained. The grant may not exceed 25% of the total cost of the business project.

Eligible businesses

To be eligible for financial assistance, the business project must come under one of the following sectors or subsectors of economic activity described in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):

  • sectors 44 and 45 (retail trade), except for subsectors 441 (motor vehicle and parts dealers) and 447 (gasoline stations)
  • subsector 722 (food services and drinking places)

Filing an application

To apply for financing, please contact Guillaume Rivard-Lamy at Note that other financing programs, offering assistance of up to $400,000, are available.