Special pickup is a paid service the Town provides to collect items prohibited in regular garbage pickup, including construction material, large branches (greater than 2 centimeters in diameter and 1 meter in length), as well as permanent household fixtures (sinks, toilets, etc.).

You can request a special pickup by contacting Public Works. Please place all materials by the curb before contacting Public Works; all construction materials must be placed in durable construction bags and cannot exceed 35 pounds each. After making a special pickup request, a Public Works representative will then evaluate the cost of the pickup based on the type and volume of materials. Please note that there is a minimum charge of $20 for all pickups. 

If you are home when the estimation takes place, you can pay the Public Works representative directly by cheque (payable to the Town of Montreal West). Otherwise, payment can be made by cash, cheque, or debit at Town Hall. Town Hall will notify Public Works once the payment has been received.

Public Works will not collect tires, paints, solvents, or other hazardous materials or loose soil, earth, rocks, etc.