Please find below a few of our municipal by-laws. Please note that the text of each of the by-laws on this website is presented for information purposes only and has no official value. No guarantee is offered as to the accuracy or the reliability of the reproduced documents. Some typographical errors may have been left intact in order to preserve the integrity of the adopted text. In the case of a discrepancy between the by-law text on this site and that held by the Town’s registry, the latter shall prevail.   

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Urban plan 2009-007 
Building 2009-010 2023-005
Demolition 2016-010 
Zoning 2020-002 Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Subdivision 2009-009 
Permits 2009-011


Swimming poolBy-law repealed, see 2020-002 Zoning 
Occupation and maintenance of buildings 2008-0042023-007
Minor exemptions G18-0005 
Conversion of immovable into condominium 2009-002 
Tree protection 2016-001 
Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) 2012-005 
By-law respecting municipal works agreement 2019-005 
By-law to establish a financial assistance program for the revitalization of commercial facades and signs and the accessibility to businesses for persons with disabilities 2020-003 
By-law for the establishment of a Planning Advisory Committee 2005-004 
Conduct of Council sittings 2016-023
Ethics code by-law for Council members 2017-009
Delegation of power 2005-002
Ethics code by-law for employees 2012-006
Nuisance 456 
Animal 2015-006 
Traffic 405 
Fire prevention 2013-002 
Snow removal contractors 2008-007
Landscape contractors 2011-002
Sewers and the supply of water 418
Category By-law Annex
2024 Tax 2023-010
2023 Tax 2022-006
Tariff 2007-005 Annex A Annex B
Working Fund 2011-007
Duties on transfer and special duties 2018-002