New Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the Westminster Parking Lot! 

The Town of Montreal West has installed two new 240-volt charging stations. The stations are located at the Montreal West Parking Lot on Westminster Avenue.

The hourly rate for charging a vehicle is $1 (taxes included), billed by the minute and based on the length of time the vehicle is connected to the charging station. If a vehicle is connected to a station for two hours, for example, a fee of $2 will be applied, even if the vehicle was completely charged after one hour.

Please note that normal parking restrictions apply. The Westminster parking lot has a restriction of 2 hours maximum. Pay attention to signage.

Find the tariff for any charging station in the province.

How to use the charging stations

The first step is to sign up on the Electric Circuit website.

  1. Hold your Electric Circuit card in front of the scanner. Instructions will be displayed on the screen. Once the authentication is complete, the door will unlock.
  2. Lift the door and unplug the connector from the charging station.
  3. Plug the connector into your vehicle’s outlet.
  4. When charging is finished, unplug the connector from your vehicle. Roll the cable around the support, put the connector back into the station and close the door to complete the transaction.