Trees in urban areas are a wonderful asset as they improve the overall quality of the environment. Trees provide shade and privacy, block noise, act as a windbreaker, purify the air, help to manage stormwater and reduce urban heat-island effect. That’s why protecting our tree cover is so important in today’s context of climate change.

Municipal right-of-way

The municipal right-of-way consists of a strip of land, of variable width, that belongs to the Town. Within this zone, the Town carries out the planting of street trees each year. These trees will be maintained by the Town.

Choosing a tree species

Before choosing a tree species, the Town considers several factors, including the location of the site (environmental conditions), the desired effect (the size and the height of the tree), the volume and the quality of the soil, nearby human activities and nursery availability.

Maintaining public trees

Trees in the municipal right-of-way are maintained by the Town (pruned periodically, treated for diseases if necessary, and possibly cut if dangerous or dead). The Town maintains a regular watering schedule to keep the tree healthy in the first year after planting. The Town does not pick up the leaves except during street sweeping operations.

We invite you to contact the Public Works department if there is a problem with any public tree and they will take appropriate actions, when necessary.

Planting public trees

Would you like to have a town tree planted in front of your property?

Fill out the online form if you want to have a tree planted in front of your home.

Have you received a notice that a tree will be planted in the municipal right-of-way in front of your property?

The tree chosen by the Town will be planted in the municipal right-of-way of your property. Trees will be planted by the Public Works department twice a year, in May and in October.

The Town conducts a thorough analysis before choosing a planting site. Several variables must be measured to allow the canopy to grow well.

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