The advisory committees in Montreal West support the work of the Town Council. Each is composed of Town residents and chaired by one of the four councillors.

Traffic and Safety Committee 

The Town’s Traffic and Safety Committee, composed primarily of residents from the Town, meets to discuss issues relating to public safety (including, but not limited to, traffic concerns).

Please note that any matters specific to traffic concerns (e.g. speed bumps, street signs, parking, directional change) must be submitted in writing at Town Hall, to the attention of Lieutenant Demetrios Georgiou (Public Security). Where necessary, Lieutenant Georgiou will submit his recommendations to the TSC and the TSC will then submit its final recommendation (if any) to Town Council for decision. Any other public safety matters (e.g. theft, graffiti, CPR) should also be sent in writing to the attention of Lieutenant Georgiou. This process will allow us to thoughtfully consider all concerns raised or proposals submitted by residents.

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is entrusted with the review of all building projects subject to the Town’s Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP). The projects concerned are, among others, those that aim to modify the exterior appearance of any building within the Town’s boundaries. The PAC formulates recommendations that are transferred to the Town Council for approval.

In addition, the PAC also reviews minor exemption requests and proposed amendments to the various urban planning by-laws. The Town Council may also, at its discretion, give other mandates to the Committee.

The PAC meets once or twice a month.

PAC meeting dates 2020

Meeting dateDeadline to submit your file for review
January 22January 8
February 19February 5
March 11February 26
March 25March 11
April 8March 25
April 22April 8
May 6April 22
May 20May 6
June 3May 20
June 15June 3
July 8June 25
August 5July 22
August 26August 12
September 9August 26
September 23September 9
October 7September 23
October 21October 7
November 11October 21
November 25November 11
December 9November 25

Meeting dates 2020

The deadline for submitting a complete file application is 2 weeks prior to the Planning Advisory Committee meeting.

  • January 22 (deadline: January 8)
  • February 19 (deadline: February 5)
  • March 11 (deadline: February 26)
  • March 25 (deadline: March 11)
  • April 8 (deadline: March 25)
  • April 22 (deadline: April 8)
  • May 6 (deadline: April 22)
  • May 20 (deadline: May 6)
  • June 3 (deadline: May 20)
  • June 15 (deadline: June 3)
  • July 8 (deadline: June 25)
  • August 5 (deadline: July 22)
  • August 26 (deadline: August 12)
  • September 9 (deadline: August 26)
  • September 23 (deadline: September 9)
  • October 7 (deadline: September 23)
  • October 21 (deadline: October 7)
  • November 11 (deadline: October 21)
  • November 25 (deadline: November 11)
  • December 9 (deadline: November 25)