For several years now, the Town has wanted to sell its property located at the corner of Avon and Westminster South to redevelop and highlight the strategic nature of this area. By acting as a catalyst for the future development of this sector, the Town aims to revitalize its downtown core around Edgar Davies Park and exploit its full potential. 

The Town has received a duly completed offer for the purchase and redevelopment of the Cadastre du Québec lot 1 292 196 respecting the specific criteria established in its public call for proposals launched in March 2019.

"This redevelopment project represents a shared desire for the Town and Guerrera Tedeschi Investments Inc., the developer, to contribute to the growth and development of our community"

Beny Masella, Montreal West Mayor

This important project allows the Town to achieve many of its objectives, namely to:

  • Respond to the need to increase and diversify the housing stock available on its territory;
  • Welcome new families;
  • Put forward an architectural vision that will ultimately influence the look of Westminster Avenue and highlight the importance of Montreal West’s heritage;
  • Expand the commercial and/or institutional offer on the main street of the downtown core;
  • Maximize the tax base of the site;
  • Promote sustainable building methods.

Relocation of the library

The Montreal West Public Library, which was located in the building at 45 Westminster South, is now at 41 Westminster North.

A look at the redevelopment project

The project mainly consists of the following work:

  1. Demolition of the existing library building;
  2. Relocation of water and sewer pipes;
  3. Construction of a building incorporating three floors and a mezzanine and indoor parking;
  4. Landscaping work.

This is a mixed use project (residential/commercial/institutional) that will increase population density. The number and various sizes of the proposed residential condominium units will meet the needs of a variety of future residents, including seniors and new families. This is in response to our strategic vision and to various public consultation exercises conducted by the Town and its partners over the last few years, such as the Age-Friendly accreditation and the adoption of the Town’s Strategic Financial Plan. At its Council meeting held on September 29, 2020, the Town Council adopted a resolution accepting the irrevocable offer presented by Guerrera Tedeschi Investments Inc. for the purchase and development of the Cadastre du Québec lot 1 292 176. Following this acceptance, all parties must proceed to the actual sale of the property within the given timeframe.

Follow the development of the project

This web page is made available to keep Montreal West residents and the general public updated as information becomes available such as what the work schedule will be, when information sessions will be held and where the Montreal West Public Library will be temporarily relocated, for example.

Information session via Zoom

The Town of Montreal West has received a request from the developer of THE EASTON project for authorization to demolish the building located at 45, Westminster Avenue South (located on lot 1 292 196 of the Cadastre of Quebec) as part of the redevelopment project of the lot.

 Consult the application for demolition permit

 Document pertaining to the authorization request

 Summary of opposition letters

The permit application process is underway.

If you have any comments, please use the form below, or send a letter to the Town Hall to the attention of the Town Clerk. 

  • The issuance of a demolition permit is subject to the approval and signing of a municipal works agreement for the relocation of underground infrastructure (water and sewer lines).
  • The fence surrounding the demolition site must be closed at the end of each work day.
  • Submit a trucking route to the Planning Department for the movement of heavy equipment and trucks in and out of the demolition site. The plan will be reviewed by Urban Planning, Public Works and Public Security departments prior to approval. Truck and heavy equipment movements are to be avoided on Avon Road between Westminster Avenue South and Ronald Drive.
  • Noise and dust barriers shall be installed to minimize the inconvenience of the demolition process given the proximity of the residential buildings surrounding the site. It is recommended that a dust suppression evaporator gun be used to eliminate dust on the site.
  • An inventory of the condition of adjacent buildings should be completed prior to the start of the demolition process. The demolition process should be closely monitored by the project manager to avoid vibration damage to surrounding properties. Upon completion of the demolition process, a final condition survey report of the surrounding buildings shall be completed.
  • The owner and/or the owner's agents, contractors and subcontractors shall be fully responsible for any damage caused to adjacent properties by the demolition process, as applicable. Accordingly, the Town shall not be liable for any claims that may arise in connection therewith, and the owner agrees to indemnify the Town against any such claims for damages.

Work on the redevelopment project for lot 1 292 196, that is, the land located at 45 Westminster Avenue South, will begin on August 9, 2021. These will begin with the demolition work and be followed by the relocation work of the water and sewer pipes and finally the construction work of the building and the landscaping work.

 Excerpt of the safety and mitigation measures

 Traffic and signage plans

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact:

Developer Representative

Noam Schnitzer

T. 514.385.0333 x 250

C. 514.944.3800.

Project Manager

Aru Rangit

T. 514.385.0333 x 208



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