You’re ready to get started on your home renovation. Make sure you know whether you need a permit or not.

Please note that permit applications and the approval of the Planning Advisory Committee are two different things. It is important for you to check whether or not your work requires a permit AND if your work must be submitted to the Planning Advisory Committee.

Contact the building inspector

Contact Agata Palarchio at 514-481-4858 or by email at to take an appointment with the building inspector.

You may also fill out the Contact us form with a description of the project and type of building if you are unsure if you need a permit.

Steps to follow when renovating or building

  1. Determine if your project requires a permit. 
  2. Determine if your project needs to go through the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and check the deadlines to submit your complete file for review.
  3. Submit your complete application online (completed application form and required documents)
  4. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the exact cost of your permit as well as detailed instructions on the different payment options available to you. 
  5. Pay your permit fee. The permit may be paid for electronically, in person at the Town Hall service counter or by mail. 
  6. Once we confirm receipt of your payment, we will send you the permit and a copy of the receipt by e-mail.
  7. Be aware of the permit’s rules and make sure your permit is placed in a spot where it is visible from the street, such as a window or on your door.
  8. Begin your work!

Apply for your permit or authorization online
(building permit, occupancy permit and public domain intervention)

Over the whole territory of the Town of Montreal West, no one may proceed with one of the following interventions without obtaining a building permit in compliance with the provisions of the present by-law.

  • The construction of a new main building or the modification of a main building;
  • Renovation, extension, reconstruction of a main building;
  • A new accessory building (e.g. garden shed, gazebo, detached garage, veranda, etc.) or accessory construction (e.g. patio, deck, etc.), except for the café terrace;
  • Renovation, extension, reconstruction or modification of an accessory building or construction;
  • The installation of a pool or spa;
  • The displacement of a building;
  • The demolition of a main or an accessory building;
  • The construction and installation of a fence and the planting of a hedge;
  • The construction, installation, extension or reconstruction of a retaining wall;
  • The layout or extension of a parking area;
  • The felling of trees, except in the case of tree felling required for construction work, if a building permit is required;
  • The construction, installation, extension, reconstruction or displacement of a sign, including its support, unless it is stated otherwise in the Zoning By-Law;
  • Another temporary use or temporary building;
  • Excavation works.

No building permit is required for regular maintenance or minor repairs such as interior painting, interior renovations of aesthetic nature, as well as any maintenance as defined in article 1.3.3., provided however, that no modification is made to the exterior forms, plan, structure or any other basic building element. (Examples: interior painting, sandblasting floors, repainting exterior elements in same color, brick repointing without change in mortar color, replacement of bathtubs, vanity, toilet as per existing location).

An exemption from the obligation to obtain a building permit does not void the obligation to comply to the present bylaw and with any other applicable by-law.

Please note that, many interventions require Council's approval, as defined by article 1.5 of the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) #2012-005:

The construction, demolition, partial demolition, addition, removal, modification or alteration of any:

  • Main or accessory building;
  • Wall cladding, roof cladding (excluding replacement without modification of flat roofs), windows, doors;
  • Storefront of a commercial building, facades of industrial and institutional buildings, including signs and fixed awnings;
  • Other building element or architectural component visible from the exterior, including all changes in material, proportion, pitch, volume and/or colour;
  • Retaining wall parallel to a street or a sidewalk and located within a distance of 2m from the edge of the street or sidewalk, accessory constructions requiring the felling of a tree, parking areas and landscaping of development projects.

Don’t forget to submit your complete application (filled out form and required documents) for your work to be submitted to the Planning Advisory Committee.

The following types of projects are excluded from the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programme review:

  • The installation or replacement of gutters and/or spot lights in the soffits.
  • The replacement of roofing material if same type of material is being used (i.e. asphalt shingles for asphalt shingles, slate for slate).
  • The repointing of masonry if there is no change to the original predominant colors and predominant original appearance at the time of the permit application and that the repointing involves a uniformity of the exterior masonry walls.
  • In absence of a project referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 or 3, the replacement of any component of a construction located in a residential zone without modifying the said component in regards to its shape, model, color, material, dimension or any other architectural detail or feature.

Don’t forget to apply for a permit if your work requires a permit. Find out more about work requiring a permit.

Permit fees

Fees vary depending on the type of work being done and the type of permit requested.

Permit request$50
Occupancy permit request (including permit) – Residential & light commercial$50
Occupancy permit request (including permit) – Heavy commercial & industrial$100
Minor exemption general request$1,200
Request for by-law amendment$5,000
Minor exemption request pertaining to setbacks (residential buildings erected prior to 1965)$500
Tree cuttingFree
Subdivision permit$500
Demolition permit (main building)$1,200
Demolition permit (accessory building)$100
Permit for the installation of a sign$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100)
Building permit for an accessory building, construction or structure$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100)
Building permit for repairs (more than $5,000 worth) on a building$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100)
Building permit for addition, modification, or extension of a building$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100) plus $1.00/squared foot per story added or extended (surface calculated following the floor area ratio)
Building permit for new residential building$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100) plus $1.00/squared foot per story added or extended (surface calculated following the floor area ratio)
Building permit for new non-residential building$10 per $1,000 worth of work (minimum of $100) plus $1.00/squared foot per story added or extended (surface calculated following the floor area ratio)