Environmental Action Committee

The Montreal West Environmental Action Committee is a standing advisory committee of Council. It is invested in making the town a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. The committee was set up with the understanding that towns and citizens need to come together in order to work as responsible actors in lieu of the rapid decline of our global ecology. Through education, action, and policy change, it is committed to making Montreal West a greener neighbourhood. Some of the specific issues dealt with by the committee include: waste management, recycling, composting, pesticide use, energy conservation, and Meadowbrook preservation.

Buy a tree

Every year Montreal West celebrates $10 Tree Day.

A limited number of trees are made available to Montreal West residents for a $10 administrative fee. Trees are limited and are available on a first come first served basis.

Information is made available on our website in April.

For more information, please contact environment@montreal-west.ca or call the Public Works reception at 514-485-8597.