The Town of Montreal West issues one annual property tax bill that covers all local services and spending (snow removal, road maintenance, parks, administration, etc.) as well as island-wide services offered by the Agglomeration of Montreal (such as public transit, Fire Department & SPVM). Residents’ tax assessments are based on the valuation of their property and are determined by multiplying this valuation by a mill rate (i.e. the rate determined by Council for each $100 valuation).

For example, the 2021 property taxes of a $728 000 residential property are $8,191.46.
(property value x mill rate / 100 = property taxes)

Consult the 2021 Tax by-law.

Property typeTax rate
For residential properties containing 5 housing units or less$1.1252
For apartment buildings with 6 or more units$1.2713
For non-residential properties$3.0582
Vacant lots$2.2405

Installment due dates

  • The Montreal West tax bill is usually sent out in January and is payable in two installments. If paying by cheques in installments, we encourage you to include both cheques.
  • The first installment is due on February 25, 2021 and the second on May 27, 2021.
  • There will be no reminders mailed for the second installment.
 Read up on accepted payment methods.