Every winter, the Town salts, plows, and trucks away snow as part of its snow removal operation. In total, the Town clears over 19 kilometres of roads and 38 kilometres of sidewalks following a snow fall.

Snow clearing 

For less than 5 cm of snow accumulation, boulevards, main arteries and sidewalks are cleared and road salt is applied.  Road salt is often used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks to ensure public safety.

For more than 5 cm of snow accumulation, all streets are cleared. Priority is given to main arteries, school zones, commercial areas and sidewalks.  

In order to facilitate the removal of snow, the City installs signs  prohibiting the parking of any vehicle on specific streets until snow operations have ended.  Please respect all signage to avoid infractions. During snow removal operations, a duly authorized municipal employee is empowered to have a motor vehicle towed and, in certain cases, to divert traffic.

Snow removal

Following a snowfall of significant amount (usually more than 20 plus cms), snow removal operations are initiated.  Priority is given to main arteries, school zones, commercial zones and public buildings. Snow removal of the Town’s roads and sidewalks is usually completed within 3 days of the commencement of snow removal operations).

Private contractors

During snow removal operations, snow must be blown or lifted and deposited on both sides of a parking entrance, on the front or side yard of the property.  Any owner who hires a snow removal contractor to clear his parking entrance must ensure that the contractor holds a valid permit for the current year, duly issued by the City.