Every winter, the Town works around the clock to salt, plow, and truck away snow as part of its snow removal operation. In total, the Town clears over 19 kilometres of roads and 38 kilometres of sidewalks following a snow fall. Major snow removal operations normally take about 3 days to complete and occur primarily between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Parking during snow removal operations

In order to facilitate the removal of snow, the Town installs signs prohibiting the parking of any vehicle on specific streets until snow operations have ended.  Please respect all signage to avoid infractions. During snow removal operations, a duly authorized municipal employee is empowered to have a motor vehicle towed and, in certain cases, to divert traffic.

Sidewalks must not be blocked by vehicles parking too close, or by vehicles overhanging from a driveway onto a sidewalk. Sidewalk snow plows need the entire width of the sidewalk in order to safely clean it. When snow is expected, please park your car at least 6 inches (15 cm) from the curb. This allows for safe passage of the sidewalk plows. 

Snow clearing

For less than 5 cm of snow accumulation, boulevards, main arteries and sidewalks are cleared and road salt is applied. Road salt is often used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks to ensure public safety.

For more than 5 cm of snow accumulation, all streets are cleared. Priority is given to main arteries, school zones, commercial areas and sidewalks.

Snow removal

Following a snowfall of significant amount (usually more than 20 plus cms), snow removal operations are initiated.  Priority is given to main arteries, school zones, commercial zones and public buildings. Snow removal of the Town’s roads and sidewalks is usually completed within 3 days of the commencement of snow removal operations).

The snow plowing operation initially involves moving the snow to the curb in order to allow traffic to flow safely. This operation inevitably causes snow to accumulate in front of driveways. While the Town will follow up by removing these snow banks, it is not responsible for keeping everyone’s driveway clear before this happens. Residents who want access in the meantime are responsible for clearing the end of their driveways.

When necessary, the Town may blow snow on your lawn as part of normal snow removal operations. The Town is not responsible for damage to plants, driveway curbs, fences or other items that are placed within the Town’s setback.

Private snow contractors

The Town would like to remind all contractors, and the residents who hire them, of the rules in force in Montreal West:

  • Please ensure that your contractor has a valid snow removal permit from the Town. According to our bylaws, both contractors and property owners are liable for any bylaw infractions. To avoid any possible fines, please ensure that your contractor complies with the Town’s bylaws.
  • During snow removal operations, snow must be blown or lifted and deposited on both sides of a parking entrance, on the front or side yard of the property.
  • Snow from private driveways and walkways must NOT be placed on public sidewalks, lanes or streets. The ONLY exception is when the Town is removing snow in your vicinity, at which time it may be added to the banks to be removed. It must be spread out along the snow bank, not piled in a single large mass.
  • Under no circumstances may snow removed from one driveway be placed on the street in front of any neighboring driveway or around fire hydrants;