All Montreal West homes are equipped with a water meter and the Town issues bills for water tax based on consumption. Every year, a letter is sent to residents reminding them that their meter readings must be submitted in September. 

Water tax bills are then mailed out in October and are due in November.


The rate for 2023 is $29.30/1000 cubic feet.

Water meter readings are due by September 25, 2023.


Finding your water meter

Water meters can be tricky to find when you first look for them. They are generally against a wall and may be located in the basement, in the garage or outside the house. You may contact the Town plumber if you cannot locate your water meter.

Some models may have a cover over them, whereas others don’t. The serial number should be on the cover and the reading is the number on the actual meter. See the pictures below to better understand what they look like.


How to submit your reading

In order to ensure the accurate billing of your water consumption, it is important that your meter reading be submitted to us by September 25, 2023.

 You may submit your reading to us by any of the following means:

  • Online, by completing the electronic form below.
  • By mail, by completing the card that was mailed to you.
  • By dropping the completed card off directly at the Town Hall (cards may be left in the mail box located at the front or side door).
  • By phone, by calling 514-485-8941 (please leave a voicemail with your name, address, telephone number, meter reading and meter serial number).

As per By-law 418, in the absence of a reply, water tax bills are based on an estimated usage and a non refundable $50 fee is added to the bill.

In the case of a property transfer

The water tax bill for the past year is payable by the current owner, even when there is a property transfer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that your notary ensures that an adjustment calculation is made for water consumption up to the sale date. Your notary should already have contacted us for this information.

Submit your water meter reading online

Submit your reading online by filling out the form below. We suggest that you also include a photograph of your meter.

  • Duplexes: you must provide the serial number and reading of both your water meters.
  • For those who have more than 2 water meters at the same address: submit your readings by email, by phone or by returning the completed card to Town Hall.