Contract Management By-law 

In accordance with the Cities and Towns Act, the contract management by-law governs the process for awarding contracts entered into by the Town that involve expenditures. It also aims to assure citizens that the sums incurred for the acquisition of goods and services are expended in conformity with municipal laws and principles of good administration.

This policy also aims to promote transparency throughout the process of awarding municipal contracts, respecting the rules relative to the adjudication of such contracts as determined by the laws governing the operation of municipal bodies.

Code of Ethics

Adopted in November 2012, the Code of ethics and professional conduct for employees:

  • Gives priority to the municipality’s values;
  • Institutes standards of conduct that foster the adoption of these values;
  • Prevents ethical conflicts and, should any arise, resolve them effectively and with good judgment;
  • Applies control measures to breaches of ethics.

Council Meeting Decorum By-law

The Council meeting decorum by-law states certain basic principles concerning Council’s behaviour throughout Council meetings.