Publication of a list of contracts awarded by the Town

Since April 2011, the Town publishes a list of its contracts over $25,000 in the Système électronique d’appels d’offres (SÉAO), in compliance with the Cities and Towns Act. Moreover, no later than January 31 of each year, the Town shall publish the list of all contracts involving an expenditure exceeding $2,000 entered into in the last full fiscal year preceding that date with the same contracting party if those contracts involve a total expenditure exceeding $25,000.

Procedure for awarding contracts

The Cities and Towns Act establishes the legal context for the adjudication of contracts by municipalities. In general, the procedures vary for:

  • a call for public tenders for a contract that involves an expenditure of $100,000 or more;
  • a call for invitational tenders for a contract that involves an expenditure between $25,000 and $99,999;
  • awarding a contract by mutual agreement that involves an expenditure of less than $25,000.

Municipal contracts are awarded by resolution of the Town Council or by managers holding a delegation of power to that effect under the internal by-law of the municipal Council pertaining to the delegation of powers in matters relating to contracts and to human resources.

Procedure for complaints concerning a call for tenders for contracts with a value of $101,100 or more

To be admissible, a complaint must be submitted using the online form from the Autorité des marchés publics.

Procedure for the receipt and examination of complaints made in the framework of a tendering or an award process. (in French only)