Water break on Brock South

Category : Info-works
July 14, 2023

Updated on July 18, 2023


The City of Montreal has been on site to carry out the water break repair since 7 a.m. this morning. At the moment, we are unable to confirm how long the water break repairs will take, but we’re monitoring the situation closely and will help the City of Montréal if necessary in order to reopen the street as soon as possible. 


If the contractor is unable to carry out the recycling and compost collections on Brock South between Avon and Broughton due to repairs to the water break taking place on July 18, collection will be carried out in-house by Public Works starting tomorrow. Residents should therefore leave their garbage bins outside.

Around 1 a.m. on July 14 there was an important water break at the corner of Brock South and Broughton. Our Montreal West Public Works employees were onsite within the hour. Based on the location of the water rushing from the street, they suspected that there was a break on the water line coming from Harley street in NDG.  This information was transmitted to their colleagues in Montreal and it was confirmed this afternoon that the break was indeed on the water line that falls under the responsibility of the City of Montreal. 

The Town is currently waiting for the repair team from the City of Montreal to come onsite to make the necessary repairs.

Residents in the South sector may notice low water pressure in the meantime. For safety reasons, a Montreal West Public Security Officer will be available at all times until the work is completed.