Warning siren testing in our area on September 23, 2022

Category : Public Security
September 22, 2022

On Friday, September 23, 2022, Montréal will be TESTING the emergency siren warning the population in your area.

The emergency siren sounds off for 3 minutes, and is the best way to warn the population of the release of a toxic substance from a factory.

Take this opportunity to find out what to do when you hear the emergency siren.

Why such a test in Montreal West?

The factory Lactalis Canada, located at 7470, rue Saint-Jacques Ouest uses ammonia. In the case of an industrial accident causing ammonia to be released in the air, the emergency siren will sound off in order to quickly inform the potentially exposed population.

The siren test is a technical test carried out to ensure the proper working order of equipment, as well as the preparedness of all emergency responders.

What should you do in case of a toxic release?

When you hear the alarm, follow the instructions below, to minimize exposure to toxic substances:

  • Seek shelter in the nearest building to avoid breathing in the toxic substance.
  • Close, seal and stay away from all windows. Stop the ventilation system, in order to keep toxic substances out.

  • Turn on your radio to get directives from authorities.

  • Leave your kids in school, so as to avoid exposing them or yourself to toxic substances.

  • Do not use your phone, so as to keep lines free for emergency responders.

For further information, please call 311 or visit montreal.ca/