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Traffic Calming Policy for Neighbourhood Streets*

Should there be concerns about speeding or other traffic problems on your neighbourhood street, you can request a traffic review by the Town. A traffic review analyses the situation on your street to determine if traffic calming is necessary, and if so, which specific measure(s) would be the most appropriate. All traffic-calming requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Residents that wish to have traffic review of their street should submit a written request to the Public Security Department, which will determine whether to initiate the traffic calming review process.


A traffic review consists of these steps:

1. Analysis of vehicle speeds (for speeding): Using an unobtrusive tracking device, traffic speeds would be measured for a complete week (7 days). Should 85% of drivers exceed the speed limit by 10 km/hr, a traffic-calming measure is considered.



Analysis of traffic volume (for excessive cut-through traffic):
Using an unobtrusive tracking device, traffic volume would be measured for a complete week (7 days). Should the street be used by more than 1000 cars during a 24-hour period, a traffic-calming measure is considered.

2. Determination of appropriate calming measure(s): If the installation of a traffic-calming device is warranted, the request will be reviewed by the Montreal West Traffic and Safety Committee (TASC). TASC will determine the appropriate traffic calming measure by taking into account a number of factors including the length of the block, considerations by public transit and emergency services and the presence of existing municipal and private infrastructure (manhole covers, storm drains, driveways, etc.), and then make a recommendation to Council.


3. Consultation with affected residents: Once the appropriate traffic calming measure is determined and approved by Council, the residents on the street will receive a letter describing the appropriate traffic calming measure and its proposed location. The residents can sign the letter indicating their approval or disapproval of the proposed measure. The approval of simple majority of the residents living on the affected block will be required to implement the measure(s). Note: only one vote per residence will be considered. 

* This policy addresses streets that are residential in use and whose original function was to provide access to the residents living on that street. It is not intended for streets that serve as collectors or arterials.. Requests for traffic calming measures on these types of streets will be reviewed on an individual basis.

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