The Town launches its residual materials management action plan

Category : Environment
June 29, 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of our residual materials management (RMM) action plan as adopted by Council on June 27, 2022. This action plan will serve as a road map to determine how residual materials will be managed in Montreal West and guide the Town in actively responding to ongoing environmental changes and challenges. This action plan will also encourage and support the cultural changes in the Town around reducing waste and better sorting at the source, for both residents and municipal assets.

This residual materials management action plan puts forth multiple projects that are in accordance with the goals and objectives of the RMM policy that was adopted in April 2021. This policy is also a part of the move to modernize waste management in Quebec that aims to:

  • Strive for Zero Waste,
  • Increase the rate of residual materials diverted from landfill, 
  • Lead by example as a municipality, and
  • Promote a collaborative and collective intelligence culture.

The RMM policy and the associated action plan is a step in the right direction towards building a more sustainable future, all of which would not have been possible without the continued support and feedback from various stakeholders. It is with this collaborative approach of leveraging community resources and collective effort that the Town of Montreal West wishes to implement the RMM action plan. Behavioral and cultural changes are needed at all levels to meet the Town’s ambitious targets to reduce materials generated and improve waste collection performance.

The success of the RMM policy and the action plan rests on a sustained collective effort. We would like to thank all Montreal West community members whose experience, opinion, and expertise have been invaluable in the development of the policy and action plan. We hope to continue this collaborative partnership as we begin the implementation of the action plan to apply best practices in the management of our residual materials and, to echo Mayor Masella’s words, take part in “the great green shift”.