Most of Montreal West's public water service lines are lead-free

Category : Administration
December 09, 2019

In October 2019, the Quebec government announced that it will adopt the new Health Canada guidelines on lead levels in drinking water. This lowers the maximum acceptable concentration of lead in drinking water from 0.010 mg/liter to 0.005 mg/liter. These new norms mean that certain homes and buildings in Montreal West may now exceed the allowed concentration of lead in drinking water.

The drinking water produced by the Montreal water treatment plant is of very good quality. However, the dissolution of lead pipes and lead plumbing can make it possible for lead to be present in the water. Until the 1970s, the municipal water service lines were built with lead pipes. Since 1990, and in accordance with the Quebec Plumbing Code, the Town actively replaces lead water service lines on the public side during its rehabilitation projects. To date, approximately 70% of the water service lines on the public side are lead-free. The Town will continue replacing lead pipes in all its future infrastructure work until all lead pipes have been replaced.

The Town of Montreal West has mandated the City of Montreal to perform annual inspections of 10 to 20 homes. The Town provides the inspectors with specific addresses to test and mostly select homes in areas that present a higher risk of finding lead in drinking water. Residents whose homes have been inspected are always informed before the inspection and are provided with the results following the test.

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