Advancing technology makes it increasingly difficult to recognize fraudulent scams at first glance therefore it is important to be aware in order to best protect yourself against financial fraud and abuse.

Fraud prevention tips

The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) has a wealth of information available to help seniors avoid financial abuse and fraud. Here are their 9 tips to prevent fraud:

  1. Protect your personal and financial information — Don’t ever respond to requests for personal or financial information unless you have initiated the contact or know the organization you’re dealing with is legitimate.
  2. Destroy all your financial documents before putting them in the garbage or recycling — Shred, tear or burn credit card and bank statements and any other documents with sensitive information on them.
  3. Never give your personal information over the phone — Unless you initiated the call.
  4. Report lost or stolen credit/debit cards, drivers license, social insurance card, passport, etc. immediately – That way, your bank can block or cancel your card so no one else can use it.
  5. Consult with a trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor — Do you have someone in your life you can call to talk to about financial matters? It’s a good idea to have someone you can trust on your side – whether it’s an advisor, an accountant, or someone at your bank.
  6. Review your financial statements monthly — Check for any charges or withdrawals you don’t remember making.
  7. Never share your PIN number or passwords with anyone and choose PINs and passwords that are hard to guess — Hide it with your hand or body whenever using an ABM or store keypad. And do not choose passwords or PINs that would be easy to guess, such as part of your address, phone number or birthday or the birth date of close family members.
  8. Keep virus and anti-spy ware up to date on your computers, tablets and mobile devices — This is key to making sure that no one can get access to personal information on your computer
  9. Visit websites you’re are legitimate — And only shop online with reputable businesses.

Remember: Your bank will never send you an e-mail asking you to disclose personal information like your credit card number, online banking password or your mother’s maiden name.


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is the central agency in Canada that collects information and criminal intelligence on fraud and identity theft complaints.


Emergencies (police, ambulance and fire)

Montreal West Public Security (24 hour dispatch)

Police Station 9
5501 Av Westminster
Côte-Saint-Luc, QC
H4W 2J2

Telecheck is a volunteer-run service whereby you can sign up to receive a phone call every weekday morning to check that you’re O.K. ( especially handy for those who live alone). There is a small cost associated with this service.

Fire Safety Evacuation Registration is a program for those living with a handicap or impaired mobility

Elder Law Clinic

Road Safety is for All Ages: