Taking into account the present situation related to COVID-19, the Town of Montreal West has decided to adapt the process concerning the request for participating in a referendum pertaining to the second draft of “By-Law consolidating the Zoning By-Law of the Town of Montreal West and modifying various other provisions”. Therefore, the process exposed in the public notice published in the Suburban, on March 18, 2020, and available online on the Town of Montreal West website, will be adapted in order to allow that the consultation of the documents and the requests for participating in a referendum be online.

Consultation of the documents

The following documents are available online:

How can I know if this by-law would have an effect on me ?

  1. First, check my address in document 1 (above) to know my zone number
  2. Then find in document 2 whether my zone number is mentioned in one or several of the proposed modifications (last column on the right)
  3. If I want to intervene in the case of proposed modifications that would affect a neighbouring zone to mine, look for my zone on the plan (document 3) and note adjacent zone numbers
  4. In document 2, check whether any of these zone numbers is mentioned in one or several of the proposed modifications
  5. If the answer is yes to either question 2 or 4, do I agree with the proposed modification ?
  6. If I disagree, I can intervene as long as the proposed modification may be subject to approval by referendum, that is, if the next to last column at right of document 2 says “yes”
  7. If it says “yes”, read what follows this section in order to intervene by way of a request for participating in a referendum
  8. Document 1 enables me to know what other civic addresses are located in my zone

Request for participating in a referendum

Any person wishing to request for participating in a referendum must complete Form A (zone concerned) if the concerned provision pertains to the zone where he or she resides and Form B (contiguous zones) if the concerned provision pertains to a zone contiguous to the zone in which he or she resides.

Taking into account the present circumstances, it is not advised to go door to door in order to get signatures. The Town will keep track of the number of requests submitted per provision and will provide this information when asked.

In order to be valid, a request must:

  • clearly indicate the provision it concerns and from which zone such request is issued, as well as the zone to which the request applies, as the case may be; and
  • be received no later than March 26, 2020.

There are two ways in which requests may be submitted:

  1. By printing the form, filling it out and dropping it off in the mailbox at Town Hall; or
  2. By filling out the form on your computer, saving it and sending it through the contact form at the bottom of this page

In addition, in order to be considered an interested person, he or she needs to fulfil the following conditions on March 13, 2020:

  • be of full age, Canadian citizen, not be disqualified from voting and not be under curatorship; and
  • be domiciled in a zone where a request may be originated, and at least since six (6) months in Québec; or
  • be, at least since twelve (12) months, owner of an immovable or occupant of a place of business in compliance with An Act Respecting Municipal Taxation (C.Q.L.R., ch. F-2.1) located in a zone where a request may be originated.

For undivided co-owners of an immovable or co-occupants of a place of business, it is necessary that the person be designated by means of a power of attorney signed by the majority of co-owners or co-occupants, as the one entitled to sign the request on their behalf.

For legal persons, it is necessary that it designate among its members, directors or employees, by resolution, someone who, on March 13, 2020, is of full age and Canadian citizen and who is not under curatorship

A referendum pertaining to the concerned provision of the second draft by-law may have to be held if:

  • the Town receives at least twelve (12) signed requests for interested persons of the zone from which it is made; or
  • if the number of persons in the said zone does not exceed twenty-one (21), the Town receives at least a request from the majority of them.

All of the provisions of the second draft of the by-law for which no valid request has been received or for which the minimum required number of request have not been made shall be included in a by-law that will not have to be approved by qualified voters.

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