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Regular Garbage


By-law regulates the collection of garbage. It will take place on Friday starting at 7:00 AM. 

Regular garbage is defined as normal household discards as well as any household item such as fridges, stoves, sofa, etc. Construction material, as well as permanent household fixtures (sinks, toilets, etc.), will not be removed by the regular garbage pick-up.

Special Pick Ups 

Please ensure that all the material has been placed at the front of the property before you call the Public Works Department. A Public Works representative will then evaluate the cost of the pickup (there is a minimum $20 charge for all pickups). After receiving payment, the pickup will be collected as soon as possible. Please be advised that loose soil, earth, rock, etc. will NOT be picked up by the Town.  


Any building materials must be placed in durable construction bags that do not exceed 35 pounds per bag. No tires, paints, solvents or other hazardous materials will be collected by the Town.


If you have any questions with regards to accepted materials, please call the Public Works Department at 514 485-8597.



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