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Dog and Cat Licenses

Animal Bylaw:


Licenses are required for all dogs and renewable each year January 1stDog licenses can be obtained at Town Hall. The annual fee is $25 if a dog is spayed or neutered or $50 if they are not. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.


A limited number of registrations are provided to non-residents on a first-come, first-served basis. For non-residents, the cost is $75 for a neutered dog, and $100 for a non-neutered dog, again upon proof of vaccination. 


No one may keep more than 3 dogs on one's property.



Dog Licence Application: 



Amendment to tariff by-law




Dog Park opening hours: 




Dog Park Etiquette




Dog exercise area bylaw 







The license for a spayed or neutered cat is free of charge. The cost of a license for a non-spayed or non-neutered cat is $15, which is valid for the life of the animal. If a kitten is neutered within six months of registration, $15 will be refunded. 


No one may keep more than 4 cats on one's property.

Cat Licence Application:


Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets are mandatory for any person riding a bicycle in and through Montreal West. *Residents should also take note that bicycles are not to be ridden on sidewalks.





The Town Clerk deals with all the claims for body injuries as well as material damages, addressed to the Town.


You may forward your claim in person, or by mail, in a detailed letter explaining the circumstances surrounding the incident, the date, time as well as the damages and, if possible, an estimation of the amount of the damages. The claim to the Town must be sent within 15 days of the event, in conformity with Articles 585 to 590 of the Cities and Towns' Act.


Do not forget to include your name, address and telephone numbers where you can be reached. All claims must be forwarded to:


Town Clerk's Office
Town of Montreal West
50 Westminster South
Montreal West, Quebec
H4X 1Y7


For further information, please contact our office at 514 481-8125.



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