New Sports and Recreation Center: We want to hear from you!

Category : Sports and Recreation Center
February 15, 2022

The Town is pleased to announce the launch of multiple public consultation activities for the new Sports and Recreation Center project.

At this stage in the project, the objective of the consultations is to identify residents’ vision, perception and opinion on specific topics of interest. To this end, several consultation activities will be organized around the following themes:

  • Sport and recreational activities;
  • Universal accessibility;
  • Community life.

“Public consultation is a key step in any project of this scale. The Town has prepared a detailed consultation plan to ensure that the new Sports and Recreation Center meets the needs of our citizens.”

– Beny Masella, Mayor

For those who cannot participate in the public consultations, stay tuned! An online survey for the general population will be launched at a later date. The highlights of the consultation activities will be shared with the public once the report is finalized.

Calling all those interested in participating!
It is not necessary to be athletic or a current user of the sport and recreational facilities to participate. All citizens are welcome!

Deadline to sign up to the public consultations is February 28 at noon. Spaces are limited.