New grant application for a recreation and sports center

Category : Administration
February 27, 2020

The Town is proud to announce the filing of a grant request for the reconstruction of its recreation and sports center. This has been a priority for the Town for several years and in recent months, the Town has been busy preparing a grant application to the Programme d’aide financière aux infrastructures récréatives et sportives (PAFIRS – EBI) offered by the provincial and federal governments. Our need for recreation and sports infrastructure is very much present and is felt by all. A new multifunctional center meets the evolving needs of citizens and promotes an active and involved community. If carried out, this project will be an investment to centralize the sports and recreational programs and facilities in a strategic location. This major project will be carried out in cooperation with local stakeholders.

 Brief description of the project

The proposed project consists of the reconstruction of the recreation and sports center, including the demolition of the existing infrastructure, i.e. the arena, the pool and the chalet. The new center would include a standard size indoor skating rink, activity rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a café-restaurant, a pro shop, off-street parking and landscaped green spaces. Adapted for all, it will appeal to the young and the not so young. The new infrastructure will be safer and more accessible. In addition, the project will be carried out in a spirit of sustainable development by favouring ecoresponsible measures to limit energy and potable water consumption while considering user comfort and budget constraints.

 Support from local organizations

The tight-knit local population brings spirit and energy to the activities. Several community organizations that serve the population have expressed their support to this project.

 Next steps

The Town hopes to receive a positive response from the government in the coming months. In addition, a fundraising campaign will be launched to help finance the project. Keeping the interests of its residents at the heart of its projects, the Town will work diligently to limit the financial impact on its citizens while also providing a facility that will meet the needs of all residents now and in the future.