New e-waste recycling station in Town

Category : Environment
October 19, 2022

Montreal West continues its sustainability efforts by implementing a recycling service for small electronic devices!

The Town is proud to announce the installation of an Electrobac, to offer you a convenient location to recycle your old electronics. The Electrobac is located in the entrance of the Legion Memorial Rink Arena on 220 Bedbrook Avenue.

What is collected in the Electrobac?

The Electrobac accepts a wide variety of small electronic devices including cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, ink cartridges, peripherals, headphones and chargers among many others. To see a complete list of recyclable items, visit

Electronic waste usually contains lead, mercury and other harmful components. Help us protect the environment by recycling as much electronic waste as possible! As an RQO certified company, Electrobac follows strict regulations to ensure the protection of the data on your devices and a high environmental standard for a sustainable disposal of all the electronics.

In line with the goals of the Town’s Residual Materials Management Policy that aims to increase the rate of residual materials diverted from landfill, we urge you to join the circular economy movementand dispose of your e-waste sustainably in the Electrobac. 

For any questions or comments about the Electrobac or the recycling program, please visit