Montreal West launches single-use mask recovery program

Category : Environment
March 14, 2022

The Town of Montreal West is happy to announce that we have partnered with MultiRecycle to launch a new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recovery program.

PPE drop off bins can now be found at Town Hall, the Community Center, the Legion Memorial Rink and the municipal yard. These bins are designed to collect single-use masks (i.e. blue or black surgical masks), gloves, visors and glasses. This program aims to increase the Town’s waste diversion rate.

The masks will be separated into three different parts: filter, elastics, and nose clips. The nose clip will be recycled as it is made from fully recyclable aluminum. The filter will be incinerated and the steam from this will be used to generate clean renewable electricity.

To learn more about the recovery process, feel free to contact the Town’s Environment Coordinator at