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Infrastructure Work

Notice - Broughton/Easton & Radcliffe/Westminster

October 17th, 2017



Notice – Construction on Broughton/Easton

Due to the level of inquiries we have received regarding the work being done on Broughton and Easton, the Town would like to reiterate that it is the City of Montreal (and their subcontractors) working in the area.  They are in the process of making modifications to their underground water network. The work was planned by and is being overseen by the City of Montreal.  

The Town of Montreal West was able to provide information to our residents directly affected by the work in advance of the project.  According to the schedule the City of Montreal has given us, the work should be completed by November 3rd.


Notice of extension - Radcliffe/Westminster North


Please note that the infrastructure work being done by Bell Canada at the corner of Radcliffe and Wesrtminster will be extended until October 27th.



Infrastructure Work List

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October 17th, 2017 Notice - Broughton/Easton & Radcliffe/Westminster


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