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Combatting the emerald ash borer

The emerald ash borer beetle has infested many ash trees on the Island of Montreal, and this includes several in Montreal West. If left untreated, infested ash die within five years. To combat this infestation, all our public ash trees have been inoculated with TreeAzin. You may have seen the blue markings at the base of certain street trees, indicating that they are included in the program. But until now our vaccination program covered only public trees, not the ones on private land (some over 70 years old). Trees on private property have not been identified or inoculated. So to further combat this deadly infestation, Council has decided to take the next step and help residents to get their own ash vaccinated.



Why are we doing this?

Because leaving private ash trees untreated threatens all ash in the area. Also because, even the trees in your back yard, benefit the whole neighbourhood— providing shade, lowering summer energy costs, soaking up excess storm water and increasing the value of all the properties around them (and the entire tax base)! Any realtor will tell you that the appeal of Montreal West lies largely in its “garden community” aesthetic. Healthy mature trees on private property are important Town assets.

So why should you do this?

Because, besides all the reasons above, an unvaccinated ash may well be a dead ash very soon, and the costs for removing a dead mature tree will run you up to $5000. As the tree dies it will likely become dangerous, with branches falling on your home and anyone around it. Saving your tree makes sense financially, socially and for your own security.

And do you have an ash to worry about?

If you don’t know what an ash looks like, check out the Loblaws’ parking lot; it’s entirely landscaped in ash. We’ve also got a picture on out website under “environment.” 


For more information, please contact Town Hall

Telephone : (514) 481-8125

Email :





Reimbursement Request for TreeAzin Treatment for Ash trees on private land



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