Emerald Ash Borer : notice of public ash trees removal

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November 26, 2020

Since 2011 the Town of Montreal West has been actively working to preserve its public ash trees which made up an important part of its Urban Forest. 

Although the public ash trees composed a relatively small percentage of the Town’s canopy (about 6% in 2012),  Town Council decided to employ the vaccine TreeAzin to delay the health degradation of these trees caused by the Emerald Ash Borer, and reduce the spread of this infestation.

This vaccination program helped the Town preserve many of its trees for some time, but others were already quite old prior to this process and some were already nearing the end of their life cycle.  With that in mind, since 2011 the Town planted as many public trees as possible each year to replace those that succumbed to the disease, and to maintain a healthy urban forest. 

This fall, Montreal West completed an inventory of all its public trees. During this operation, a few more public ash trees nearing the end of their life cycle were identified. They will be removed in the next few months.

Residents with one of these trees on the public domain in front of their property have been contacted by mail. If it must be removed, the Town will take this into account when planning next year’s tree planting activities and will prepare its replacement.

Please not that there is no municipal program for the removal of ash trees on private properties. In this situation, residents must cover the expenses for the removal.

For questions or concerns, please use the form below.