Replacement of water meters in industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) buildings in 2022

Quebec’s 2019-2025 Drinking Water Conservation Strategy replaces the 2011-2017 strategy and sets new objectives for the whole province.

By 2025, this strategy aims to achieve the following three objectives:

  • a 20% reduction in the amount of water distributed per person in comparison to 2015;
  • a moderate level of leakage according to the performance indicator set by the International Water Association;
  • a gradual increase in the investments needed for maintaining assets in a sustainable way; while gradually eliminating the lack of maintenance.

The Town of Montreal West, along with all municipalities in Quebec, must continue its efforts towards achieving these goals.

As part of this strategy, the Town must implement certain techniques to save water among consumers based on consumption indicators and implement certain techniques concerning the sustainable management of drinking water and municipal assets.

In order to equip both the Town and the building owners in their water saving initiatives, the installation of water meters was carried out several years ago in Montreal West.

In compliance with the new requirements of the City of Montreal and in line with the goals sought by the government’s drinking water conservation strategy, the Town and the owners of industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) buildings will have to collaborate once more in order to meet the standards enacted.

The Town is in the process of updating its regulations to include new sections that follow this change. You will be informed shortly as to what they involve.

However, we can confirm that it will be necessary to replace the existing water meters and appropriate planning and full collaboration will be required to do so. In the meantime, we recommend that you check that your water meters are accessible and in good working order.

We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to fill out our online form for any questions regarding this notice.