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Link to: Communauto

A different kind of car use

Communauto provides its members with exclusive access to its vehicles. By becoming a Communauto subscriber, you gain access to a fleet of cars that you can reserve at low cost for a half-hour, an hour, a day or longer, according to your needs. Located in the heart of your neighbourhood, the cars are available without delay, 24/7. 


In Montreal West:  At the Westminster Parking Lot.

Self-service cars:



  • Hundreds of vehicles are available without delay, 24/7.
  • You get direct, self-service access to all the cars.
  • You can make reservations in the other cities where the service is available.
  • You free yourself from the responsibility of maintaining a car.



  • Gas, insurance and maintenance are included in the rates.
  • You avoid having to finance the purchase of a car.
  • Costs are in direct proportion to your use.
  • DUO auto + bus gives you the option of combining your subscription with a public transit subscription.



  • It reduces the overall number of vehicles on the road.
  • It reduces car use in general.
  • It helps decrease the amount of pollution and harmful emissions that result from car use.


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