An update on the Waste by-law amendments

Category : Environment
December 12, 2022

The Town of Montreal West has taken the feedback and concerns brought up by residents seriously and has decided to postpone the amendments to the Waste by-law originally planned for this year.
As a community, it is important to combine our efforts towards reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills. In April 2021, the Town adopted a Residual Material Management (RMM) Policy as a first step towards a more sustainable waste strategy. The 2022-2026 RMM Action Plan that followed in June 2022 puts forth multiple projects that are in accordance with the goals and objectives of the RMM policy. One of these goals is to increase residual material diversion rate by restructuring our Town garbage collection system.
Taking all this into consideration, Town Council will be reviewing this file in the new year allowing sufficient time to adjust. Further information will be shared in due course.