Amendments to the Master Plan

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August 13, 2021

Reminder: The public consultation meetings originally scheduled for Monday, August 30 and the adoption of any changes will be postponed to a later date. For more information.

At a meeting held on August 5, 2021, Town Council adopted two draft by-laws, the first to amend the Master Plan and the second to amend the Zoning By-law.

The following are the major changes to these two by-laws:

Address lateral setback on detached garages located in the back yard.

This would allow garages to be built with no lateral setback (e. up against the side property line),consistent with most older garages, instead of the current one meter setback. This will ensure a better planning of one’s property space as the 1 meter setback creates in most cases an unused space, or space used for storage of various items that might create visual pollution, between the garage and the property line.

Addressing the setback on properties adjacent to the main train tracks that hinder the possibility of development projects.

These proposals are in line with similar ones approved by the City of Montreal and other municipalities including Cote St. Luc and Hampstead. The proposed modifications would eliminate the 30 meter setback if certain other landscaping conditions were met, such as the installation of berms, fences, sound walls, and trenches to attenuate the impact of the train tracks.

Allow for the possibility of residential development projects on zones that are now zoned only commercial, industrial and public, specifically.

  • Zone CL-2 (Commercial – retail – zone in Avon and Milton area) would now permit multi-family (i.e. apartments, condominiums) and group homes. Please see the zone’s location on the map below.

  • Zone CL-3 (Commercial zone in Ronald and Avon area) would now permit triplexes, multi-family and group homes. Please see the zone’s location on the map below.

  • Zone PE-4 (Public zone currently a parking lot at Strathearn and Milner) would be changed to MA-6 (a mixed use zone permitting multi-family, group home, retail and public use.) The maximum number of stories would be 3 with a possibility of a mezzanine on top (mezzanines are set back from the edges of the main building therefore would not take the same space as the floor below). The maximum height of the buildings would be 50 feet (including the mezzanine), as is currently permitted in all residential zones in Town. Please see the zone’s location on the map below.


Allow for the possibility of Commercial Class1 uses on zone that is now zoned only heavy commercial, light industrial and municipal and public.

Zone IB-1 ( a small pocket of Town land currently zoned Industrial in the 20 highway and Notre-Dame area) would now be zoned CL-5 to allow light commercial (retail). Please see the zone’s location on the map below.

Refresh the look of various plans (zoning plan, land-use plan, density plan) within Urban Plan and Zoning By-Law in order to render their consultation easier.

Public consultation

A public consultation meeting will be held on August 30, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. by videoconference.

7:oo p.m. Public consultation
7:15 p.m. Public consultation

During this meeting the Mayor, or a member of the Council designated by him, will explain the said draft By-Law and the consequences of its adoption and will hear the persons and bodies wishing to be heard.

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