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Avon traffic calming measure

October 23rd, 2017


Residents will have noticed the new traffic calming measure at the Avon Road pedestrian crossing (intersection Brock South) which narrows the street to one lane. This measure was recommended by a CIMA traffic engineering study to increase pedestrian safety in the area.


With a traffic volume increase  due to the Turcot project and a rise in pedestrian accidents (one of them fatal) in the area, the Town has been impelled to act.


While the street narrowing exacerbates traffic congestion somewhat during rush hour, residents will understand that pedestrian safety is paramount. It should be noted that, in December, the MTQ expects to open direct access to Autoroute 20 from Boulevard Saint Anne de Bellevue which will significantly reduce west-bound traffic on Avon. At that time, the Avon traffic calming measure may be re-assessed to ensure both pedestrian safety and efficient passage.



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