A new web space dedicated to seniors

Category : Administration
January 21, 2020

The Town is proud to launch a new section on its website entirely dedicated to Seniors. The idea for a senior-specific section of the website was brought up by the MADA steering committee following the results of the Montreal West age-friendliness survey, the focus groups and public consultations held as part of the MADA (municipalité amie des ainés) process. It was made clear that senior citizens wanted to have more information available on the website and that this information be centralized and easy to find. 

The content and structure of this new section is the fruit of a collaborative effort between residents, the MADA Steering Committee and the Town’s Communications department. The Town held a co-design workshop with a group of senior residents to better understand the type of content they’d like to find on the website as well as how they’d like it to be organized.

This new section contains information pertaining to the MADA (municipalité amie des aînés) process as well as on the following topics:

  • Health services
  • Fraud and safety
  • Recreation and activities
  • Government services
  • Transportation
  • Volunteering
  • Housing
  • Legal information
  • Community resources and services

As with any living document, the website will be updated regularly to showcase new services and events.

This project was held as part of MTElle’s experimental projects, led by Concertation Montreal, the Coalition montréalaise des tables de quartier and Relais-femmes. MTElles is a 3 year project which aims to foster women’s civic participation in municipal development initiatives throughout the island of Montreal.