A message of hope

Category : Council | COVID-19
April 06, 2020

As stated in recent days by the provincial government, the number of confirmed cases continues to increase. The shut down of non-essential services has been extended to early May. The local, provincial, national and global economies seem to be grinding to a halt. There seems to be widespread gloom.

This is a time when we must stick together and focus on the positives that are present around us.

In my own home, we’re all working hard to ensure we live together in a confined space, safely and peacefully.

In our town, when I walk around, I see neighbors talking across driveways or from curb to stoop. I see some signs of normalcy with families biking together or walking the dog. 

I feel the strengthened sense of community. I know we’ve all heightened our awareness and willingness to help our neighbours more intently affected by this. Our provincial and national leaders are disseminating the information and implementing the measures we hope will get us through this as quickly as possible. 

So we can’t let up. We must continue to follow the guidelines that will help stop the propagation of this virus. Keep washing our hands, keep rigidly following the 2-meter social distancing mandate, keep respecting a 14 day quarantine if we’ve returned from abroad. If we experience symptoms that may be associated with this virus, get in touch with the health authorities for further instructions.

But let’s keep finding and appreciating the positives. Let’s stay home and appreciate the time with our families. Let’s continue supporting our local businesses that are supporting us. Let’s continue to appreciate the frontline healthcare workers from our community doing what they can to help us stay healthy and contain this menace. Let’s remember all the workers still driving, delivering, cleaning and maintaining the essential services we still need. Let’s be thankful our community has not yet been hit as hard as others and let’s hope it never will. And let’s take pride in our Town. We are all stepping up our game to ensure our community comes through this together.

Although the daily updates provided by the government continue to worsen, they will eventually get better. While some of us are approaching a very important religious period, we can emphasize faith. Let us have hope for better days to come. I have faith that our community will emerge stronger. Be safe and stay safe. 

Beny MasellaBeny Masella