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Montreal West Day Camp



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Camp Mission

Our team is committed to providing children with a safe place to enjoy the summer and to grow as individuals and as members of the community. Through a variety of familiar and new activities and experiences we are confident that your child will develop valuable skill sets and cherished memories.


Camp Vision

At Montreal West Day Camp we are passionate about our community. Throughout the summer we coordinate several fundraising activities, as we believe children are more likely to be involved in a community that gives back. Our goal is to develop confident, respectful, and adventurous young people through engaging activities, weekly trips and our training programs, where lifelong friendships are formed.




Newsletter & Sample Day Schedules for Age Groups


Ages 5 - 6

Ages 7 - 8

Ages 9 - 10

Ages 11 - 12



Summer 2017

Click here for the Summer 2017 Municipal Services & Leisure Programs Brochure



Residents of Montreal West starts February 21

Residents of Hampstead & C.S.L. starts February 22

Non-residents starts February 23


Early Bird Registration: from February 22th - April 29th



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