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Canada Day 2017

The Canada Day celebrations were very special this year and could not have been possible without the help of many sponsors, volunteers, and dedicated community members. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and appreciate that so many of you didn’t let the weather stop you from joining in on the festivities! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:


-Parade organizers and participants (even though it rained!): Ann Mackay
-BBQ Pit: Joan Foster and volunteers
-Ticket Booth : Marla Rappaport, Pauline Ducharme, Tammy Loftus  
- Beer Tent: Senderak Family, Sam Ducharme, JP Chatelain, Betty Cordeau
- Pool Staff: Rowan & Matt and the team
- Camp Staff: Jake Sutherland and the MWDC team
-Community Centre  
- Public works: Nando, Rylan, Nick and their team
- Public Security
- Police
- Fire department
- Special thanks to Chris Kearney, Marian Scully, and Tammy Loftus and Paula Cordeau
- All the participants

Montreal Westward Rotary Club
Heritage Canada
Community Services Council
Town Of Montreal West
IGA Lipari
Quality fruit bowl


Strathern Park Ticket Booth


Some dancing after the rain

A great show by the Preville Big Band


The beautiful cake which was very quickly eaten

Fireworks on Hodgson Field



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